Grilled Caprese Cheese

Happy National Grilled Cheese Day! I hope you had a great weekend. Cheesy-capresey {I just made that up 😆} deliciousness between sour dough bread : )

Who loves cheese? I do! Caprese is a favoritemozzarella, fresh tomatoes and a touch of basil. It’s beyond delicious 😋 and a simple lunch or dinner idea!

I read a cooking magazine that suggested a light spread of mayonnaise on each side of the bread for better, more even browning. It works!!

Side note: My oven broke a couple of weeks ago 😩 The appliance rep says” 2-3 weeks for delivery … Crossing my fingers!! 🤞

I hope you have a great day • Be Awesome • Thank you for following 💛🍅 #cheeseplease

Recipe by I Heart Naptime • Please click on the link below for the full recipe : )

Published by AimsToConfection

Mom. Cook. Self taught baker. Secretary. Farmhouse style décor & Rae Dunn. Foodie. Craft beer enthusiast. Follow me @aimstoconfection

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